Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hey again, we just finished the collage, all photos are from (I am so in love with their clotes) but I think it has worked out really well! We have been watching youtube video's all the time and we found some really fun video's maby you have heard something about Finn and Jack Harries? They are british twins and both very good looking haha. We also watched a lot of covers from people some were really good. I though maby i should tell you something about our music taste. We both LOVE One Direction wich you probably already know but I am also a fan of Cher Lloyd and she has a really cool sense of style. I also love Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. I like slow songs. I also really like Little Mix. As you see most of them are british haha. I think I am kind of in with british artists and loads of british stuff. I also want to study Fashion in London. but enough about me now. :)

Lots of Love
Rosa & Charlotte
(couldn't turn the picture sorry about that!)

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