Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Season!

Hey guys, it's been I while since I've been writing something. But now we have one hour off at school so I dicited to write something :) Well as you know the winter season is coming up and Christmas is coming and the 5th of decemer it's Sinterklaas in Holland. It's a little bit like Christmas but then he looks like a priest or something and he brings gifts to all the kids, not under a chritmas tree but through the chimney. It's kind of a long story so I won't bother you with it anymore. But the third christmas day I am going to Sweden to go snowboarding for I think ten days. I am really looking foward to it because I love snowboarding and I am pretty good at it. H&M has just published their winter collection and they had the Photoshoot done at a ski piste! It looks really cool. So here are some winter and ski outfits!

Loads of love
Rosa & Charlotte

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