Monday, March 4, 2013

Open shoulders

Hi everyone! I don't have an excuse for not posting anything on our blog.. I'm just so sorry! You'll probably think; so they're really fulltime bloggers, NOT. We had a holiday and next week is the week we've been waiting for so long... We're going to SCOTLAND WOOHOOO! We're both so excited. We're going with school for 7 days so we'll see what's about to happen. We're leaving this friday (the 8th of March).
Last week I just went through some shops online because that's what I usually do when I want to look for new trends or some reallycoolawesomeamazingrandomnotusual (cloth)items! So the first thing I always look at is the part of tops and dresses. I loooove it, but I actually don't buy much dresses because I only wear them at the beach. Whatever, but while I was looking for some awesome printed t-shirts, one thing immediately gave me some fashionable ideas (I always have but never make sketches of it). That was a shirt/top with open shoulders. Last month I saw a ridicoulesly amazing shirt with open shoulders but I thought it was a bit too expensive (80euros). But now I saw that H&M and New Look and Only and much more shops had it too, andandand in a cheaper version. By the way, the first shop I always look at is H&M I don't know why but I just do.
I loved some simple versions but you also have shirts with prints and I think they'll become more well known this summer and I'm going to buy one for sure!
I hope y'all like them too :) I don't know when I have time to write another post but probably in two weeks because I'm not at home coming week!

Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa


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