Monday, September 17, 2012

Army Jackets

An emerging trend is wearing army stuff. Especially the army jackets. You'll find them in the colours taupe, khaki, brown etc. that kind of colours. I like them but it's not easy to find the one you want. I have been in different stores and what I found was or too wide or too seperately. You can buy them with studs and sometimes it makes your outfit look awful ( that's my opinion). There's one jacket which I like but it was too expensive for me.. :(
Maybe there will come in a few weeks more of those jackets in stores, let's hope so!
My summer jacket of 2 years ago was also a khaki jacket and it just came above my knees. That's a long one and I'm looking at the moment for one until my hips. Please let us know if you found one!
Lots of Love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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