Sunday, September 16, 2012


Some people are waiting for it every year... The glamour national fashion day in Holland!
On this day you can get 20% off in 3000 stores in Holland! (Also online!) What do you have to do? First: buy the dutch glamour edition of October 2012, it costs 2,99,- ! After you have done that you can just read the magazine and look what kind of brands are in the fashion day. You'll find i.a. Sacha, Pandora, Men_at_work , Palladium, Dolcis, America Today, Supertrash, Cinderella, Rituals, New look and lots of other brands! I can't go shopping this year because it's on my birthday: the 29th of September! I'll celebrate it so I don't have time to go to Amsterdam or other places.

Lots of Love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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