Thursday, October 4, 2012


This amazing Dutch brand called "NOOSA" makes a lot of nice things. Their assortment has a lot of nice and cute things. They became famous with their amazing chunks! There are hundreds of them. People who don't live in Holland will not find it in stores because it is just in Holland. You'll probably think: why are those chunks amazing? Well they're amazing because they also sell bracelets, belts, flipflops and shawls. The reason you buy those chunks is because you have to put them on the bracelet, belt, flipflop or shawl. It looks cool because you can choose a lot and you can combine a lot. There's actually one "but" the cheapest buttons you'll find are around €8,- but you get great quality. I have a bracelet with two chunks and I can put another chunk on it if I would like to. Look at the webshop! Noosa .

Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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