Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My dream. Yeah that's what I'm going to write about. You might think what this has to do with this fashion blog, but it has a lot. Because, my Dream is to live in London. To study Fashion and to be a fashion disigner or stylist. I'm in the fourth year of five. So i have to think about what i want to do after high school. I know i am one out of so many people who want the same. And that makes it really hard to get accepted at a Fasion school. Especially abroad. and in London. And that's why i do two hours of extra English class a week. It's a course of four years and its called Fast Lane English. This year I have the exam, and when i pass it i have my Cambridge certificate. That makes it easier to go to London though. I just wish so badly that i make it in! Haha. Well that's everything i think :)

Loads of love


  1. Wow dat is precies mijn droom... Ik wil voor stylist studeren in Nederland (bij academie Artemis) en daarna wil ik naar londen verhuizen!!
    Ik volg jullie! Volgen jullie terug?
    X Noah

    1. Super toevallig! haha :) en we volgen jou nu ook xoxo Rosa