Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jacks Gap

Hi everyone! I love watching short films on youtube and a few months ago I found this account called "Jacksgap" I started watching films and it's hilarious! Jack Harries is the owner of this youtube-account. He lives in London/UK. He wanted to get in university but he didn't get in for some reason. So what he decided was to greate a youtube-account and make fun films. And so he did! Sometimes you can also see his twinbrother Finn. They're the cutest twins I've ever seen! So go check out this: Jacksgap Youtube
Lots of Love,
Charlotte & Rosa



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  1. Jaaaa, ik hou van Jack & Finn! Ik vind Jack de grappigste maar Finn toch stiekem wel de knapste. Ken je ook dicasp? Hij maakt ook dezelfde soort filmjes als Jack en hij is zoooo grappig! Nog 2 aanraders: Pointlessblog en MarcusButlerTV, allemaal Engelse jongens!