Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi everyone! After a day of learning, reading and almost falling asleep I went to look through webshops I love. A few weeks ago I ordered some clothes at H&M and one thing I ordered were studded loafers. Unfortunately they looked a bit too fake to me so I sent them back but I still love them! I found a pair of them in our town and at pull & bear but they're too expensive so I think I'll wait until I buy a pair. Those loafers are really hot and they're not like flats but they're a bit different. I like the different thing about it.
I found a lot of places where you can buy those shoes. At pull & bear I saw, for example, a pair with an ethnic print which looks like the aztec trend of last summer.
They're not my style but they look really cool! I'm still searching for a pair and I'll let you know if I found the perfect pair!
(Here are some examples!)

Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa


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