Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi everyone! Coming week we are both about to have a testweek.. Not that nice at all because we have to learn sooo much! That's probably a reason why we won't post anything this week, I'm just saying this so you know it :) Last week I got my first cosmogirl of the year! Yaayy, and I immediately found some amazing trends, clothes, bags, shoes and more stuff. One thing I noticed was the denim artikle/shoot/thing/whatever. If you would ask me, I would've never said I hated Denim and especially jeans and shorts. I love them, they're kind of holy but I'm not the only one who things that I guess. So I watched it for a bit and coming spring/summer the denim jackets are hot again. I wore those jackets when I was around 5 years old I think? But I still love them! I already bought one for coming season and I hate my shopping-addicition because I always buy too much. Anyone has tips for me? :)
Denim always matches with everything. I love the way you can combine it with a simple t-shirt which your outfit still makes looking cool or something totally different (thinking of a cardigan). The denim blouses are also nice but I prefer to wear it with colored trousers and not a jeans because it gets to much of the same.
I made some sets just to show you what I mean:

Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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