Monday, April 1, 2013


Hi everyone! I just got home for a weekend in France, had a lovely time but it wasn't much warmer than in the Netherlands sadly.
A few months ago I wanted this pair of dungarees so bad but my mother said that it was too different than my usual kind of style that she kind of interprented in my head that it was stupid.
Sooo... two weeks ago I read in a magazine that it was an UPCOMING TREND AGAIN! So I immediately showed my mother it and she just laughed at me. Which isn't nice at all!
But I found loads of nice pairs of dungarees and especially the short ones are lovely to wear in summer because it's simple and also cute/funky/trendy at the same time.
There are short pairs like this one, and there loads of kinds in that category: denim, cotton with colors or with black or white and some other patterns like the aztec prints or stripes etc. etc. ( I prefer those!)


Or those: The longer versions just above your ankles.


I hope you'll like it too and keep checking our blog out for new trends!
Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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