Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It doesn't need a title! :)

Hi everyone! For the people who live in the area of the Netherlands: I HATE THIS WEATHER, I WANT SUN! It sounds ridiculous while I'm writing this but it's already april and I'm kind of in a deepdown hole or something. I'm done with the coldness of this little country in Europe.
I know I'm not the only-one and it will probably come soon but it's depressing.
One tip: if you're going through a fase every year which you think you'll call "GIFMESMRNW" please let me know. I would like to share thoughts.
I've got a friend in England and she actually has completely the same thing. One subject we always talk about is the weather, don't laugh!
So there's one thing which can make me happy (not chocolate!). It's called goingthroughtheinternetlookingforawesomesummerpics. It makes me happy and a thing what I always see is that people immediately laugh when they have a nice weather.
I made a decision to create a set of bikinis to show you some of the bikinitrends this summer and I kept on putting bikinis in it but I found out it was a total chaos so I deleted 9/10 of it. 
Underneath the result of what I made!
An explanation for it:

1. The stripes: stripes are hot this summer and it makes your bikini doesn't look simple.
2. The colors: sometimes a bikinis is boring when you just have a simple color but if you mix it with a bottom with a print it will look completely different. Neon and pastelcolors are a must this summer!
3.The prints: I've seen loads of nice bikini's with awesome prints and there's a smaller chance other people have the same one!
4. The beachy versions: I prefer those ones. They're lovely and especially with palm trees. It will give you a look like you came from the beach.
5. Fringes: no explanation; fringes are just hot.
6. Flowerpower: I can't get enough of all those flowers this summer, it makes me personally very happy and it looks great when your tan.
7. (Last but not least) The swimsuits: some people prefer those because they're not sure about their body but there are lots of nice swimsuits like one with a print or one with a ribbon etcetc.

Lots of love,
Charlotte & Rosa

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