Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hey guys, I haven't been writing anything lately but here I am! aaaannd this is my very first post on 2013! Happy New Yeaar! I know, a bit late but better late then never right? soo I hope everyone had a great christmas and new years eve because I really did. The day after christmas I went on wintersport vacation in Sweden and it was lovely. I went snowboarding and skiing everyday. And on NYE I met this really nice British girl wich I spent the night with and it was really fun. But unfortunately holidays end and we have to go back to school or work... My grades aren't really that good so there is a lot of preasure on me do do good. I get stressed though because I want to focus on our little fashion collection too! But now something completely else, I went shoppping today, have no idea where I got the time from but thats not intresting, and I bought these really nice statement necklaces and a golden chain bracelet and a little golden bracelet with a crotch on it and I love them all! Sooo here is a picture! Btw the Kiss You music video from One Direction just came out and i totally love it! It's soo goofy and weird I don't even know what it's about but they all look so adorable!

Lots of Love!
Rosa & Charlotte

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