Sunday, January 13, 2013

Room Tour

Hey guys, i was just watching videos from Zoella280390 on Youtube and i got to this video where she gave a room tour so that's kind of when i got the idea to do that too... Well i totally love my room but there is always something that i want to change. It is also a complete mess although you can't really see it in the pictures but i'm telling you now that it is. Uhmm well  i have soo many stuff that i litrally don't have enough space to put it so my drawers are really full. I get a lot of inspiration from the pictures i put on my closet wich  i ripped out of magazines. I also have this 'Instagram' wall wich i totally love (stole the idea from Jack Harries, sorry about that) and i have this massive collection of different magazines like Teen Vogue, Glamour, Elle, CosmoGirl. I also have five A&F bags wich i got as presents from Charlotte. aand ofcourse i have some posters from 1D.. obvious. I also have two little Buddha figurines wich i both got as presents and so the give me luck (haven't really noticed yet but it probably still has to happen) I have this thing i don't really know how to discribe but it is something like seven squares in a row and it's standing next to my jewelry section and in it are all little souvernirs i got from loads of countries i've been too. My closet is really old, i got it from my dad's grandma who had it all her life so it is really really old and it's wooden, really dark brown. Uhhm i totally love my bed, it is definately the best bed ever. The sheets and pillow are from Pip Studio. I also have loads of books wich i don't have a picture of but i have them. And i have this Bose Iphone/Ipod Speaker, wich has an incredable sound, got it from my dad. And i have this huge pile of bags and i never know wich to choose. Well that's probably all that i wanted to tell you so Goodbye then!

Lots of Love

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  1. Cool post, love all the magazine cut outs!