Monday, January 21, 2013

Primark Haul

Hey guys, so I went shopping today in Zaandam where they have a Primark, and I bought loads of stuff! I bought two pair of  'Disco Pants' in navy and black and I totally love them! Zoe on Zoella (youtube) talked about them and I really liked them, and the best thing is that they go with practicly everything! So I have already lots of ideas about how I'm going to wear them :) I also bought a few tops with cute collars, and a cardigan and a jacket and three t-shirts and a black skirt and six little belts, two pair of tights, a ring, crotch earrings and  a pair of regular Jeans (wich are from H&M btw) and last but not least I bought a red bandana.
So here are some pics, I hope you also like it!

Lots of Love

(sorry about the bad quality, I made them with my ipod)

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